IPKat competitions: a reminder

The IPKat currently has two competitions up-and-running, with a third coming shortly ...

As for the first of the two, the prize is complimentary admission to the 2011 Intellectual Property Round-up Conference on 24 January (conference details here).  The rules are simple: author JK Rowling seeks your advice as to the title of the next Harry Potter book (the one she said she'd never write) on how Harry and his friends graduate from Hogwarts and secure gainful employment within in the World Intellectual Property Organization. The title must begin with the words "Harry Potter and the ...", but the rest is up to you. Entries should be emailed to the IPKat here, with the subject line "Potter WIPO". Closing date, 10 January 2011. There are some great entries so far, but don't let that deter you!

The second offers as a prize the thrill of complimentary admission to Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights Effectively, organised by CLT Conferences and to be held in London on 8 March 2011. As ever, there's a great programme (here) and IPKat team member Jeremy is in the chair. The cast includes new Patents County Court judge Colin Birss QC, plus attractions such as the dynamic Karen Fong (Rouse Legal, and Docklands' answer to Elle Macpherson), the effervescent Ruth Orchard (Anti Counterfeiting Group) and Zuzana Heckova (European Commission's IP Enforcement Squad). The competition requires you to write an IP enforcement limerick. Please send yours to the IPKat here by not later than close of play on 8 February 2011 with the subject line "Enforcement limerick".
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