The IPKat and his friends: a reminder

Visiting an IP weblog can be a fruitful experience:
there's so much information for you, served up on a plate
The IPKat is far from alone in the provision of news and views via intellectual property weblogs.  Indeed, he and some of the members of his team are involved in a number of other weblogs, some of which come with an "IPKat-approved" tag.  These blogs are more narrowly focused than the IPKat's, either concentrating on specific issues within IP or on particular geographical areas.  In particular there's ...
The 1709 Blog caters for the copyright enthusiast and seeks to cover all aspects of copyright law and practice in all its rich and varied glory (

The SPC Blog is a handy information source for anyone who is involved in the tiny world of supplementary protection certificates for pharmaceutical and plant protection patents, as well as other forms of patent term extension (

PatLit tackles patent dispute resolution topics -- principally litigation -- not just from the UK but from wherever interesting news and comments emerge. This blog also closely monitors the developing role of the Patents County Court in England and Wales (

IP Finance touches that delicate interface between intellectual property and the world of finance, addressing securitisation, valuation, royalty rates, assessment of damages and the evolution of new business plans (

Class 46, founded by friends of European trade mark organisation MARQUES and driven by a 13-strong team, this blog delivers trade mark and brand-related news and developments from across Europe (

Class 99, founded by David Musker, is dedicated to design law and practice in the UK, in Europe and beyond (

jiplp is the blog of the leading Oxford University Press monthly publication, The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice (

Two regional weblogs also cover IP activity. Afro-IP ( deals with the IP scene in Africa, while IP Tango ( does the same for Latin America.

Bringing up the taile is SOLO IP, which reflects some of the interests, and the anguish, of those who practise IP by themselves or in small groups, or who work in environments in which they are the only IP people (
Do feel free to sample their multifarious delights!
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