"O Sole MyIPO ..."

Getting the OHIM Examiners choir to sing
"All Things Must Pass" was never going to be easy ....
When the IPKat received information that the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (a.k.a. MyIPOhad its own official IP song, his first action was to check if the missive he'd just received was dated 1 April. Well, it wasn't -- and here, courtesy of a computerised translation, it is:
Verse 1:
Creation of new patent ideas
Protection we provide
Also trade mark copyright
Known around the world

Verse 2:
Creative and original
Design industry developers
Famous throughout the country
Geographical Indications

Chorus 1:
We are here to help, in MyIPO
Protecting intellectual property
Facilitation of registration, the creation
Efficient and friendly

Putting the country Malaysia
Comparable to developed countries
Ensure that all protection
Intellectual property rights

Chorus 2:
We are here to help, in MyIPO
Protecting intellectual property
Be professional, ready
In all actions
All very admirable says the IPKat, who wonders whether future World Intellectual Property Day celebrations will involve choral festivals at which the massed choirs of the world's top IP granting organisations will compete for fame and glory.  Merpel says, watch this space -- I feel a competition coming up ...

O Sole Mio here and, if you can bear it, here

Thanks are due to Edmund Harrison (Mewburn Ellis) for furnishing the IPKat with this information.
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