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Friday, 16 March 2012

Headmaster releases the Whizzkid's Handbook from confiscation

Last month the IPKat posted an item about the release of a new publication giving guidance to applicants and attorneys on best practice at the EPO: the "Handbook of Quality Procedures Before the EPO". Then, days later an update was necessary as the publication had been pulled from the EPO site without explanation.

Now it has surreptitiously reappeared and is again available for download. The IPKat (who had slipped a copy of the original version between the pages of his copybook while the teacher was distracted) has not spent any significant time poring over the two versions to see what caused the original's withdrawal. At first glance however, a simple comparison of the respective Tables of Contents shows the same structure, and the only changes that jump out at him are a newly designed coloured cover page, a Foreword from EPO President Benoît Battistelli, and a slightly more concise Introduction explaining the purpose of the publication. Enjoy.

Thanks to Fiona Mercey and to an anonymous commenter for alerting the IPKat to the welcome reappearance of this Handbook. 

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