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Monday, 5 March 2012

Looking for something? Last week's Katposts

Only one week after last week's "Looking for something?" here's another one!  This post gives you a chance to check what you've missed on this weblogs (apart from the usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday features, that is). Enjoy!
* "Will it end in tiers? A wind-up to boost secondary protection", here, in which the IPKat comments on John Grant's plea for more serious consideration of innovations by a cheaper and more flexible system than the patent grant; 
* "Sweeping decision: new broom brushes aside mop motion", here, a note on the Patents Court ruling in Thane Direct v Pitch World on whether interim injunctive relief should be granted against a defendant which was already winding down its quantifiable infringing activities; 
* "Katonomics past, present and future", here, this being a summary of the posts in Nicola Searle's highly-regarded second series and a promise of more to come; 
* "ACTA - now the EU Parliament's petitions committee will have a look", here, on the increasing level of scrutiny which the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is now attracting; 
* "Rare Diseases – are there sufficient incentives to develop treatments?", here, in which guest Kat Darren explains about Rare Disease Day and the contrasting approaches of the US and Europe towards orphan drugs; 
* "Patent Translate – EPO and Google launch new service", here, on the latest development in the love affair between language-sensitive patents and translation-hungry Google; 
* "Database defeat for Dataco", here, this being a note on Case C‑604/10 Football Dataco Ltd and others v Yahoo! UK Limited and others, a Court of Justice of the EU ruling which everyone except Football Dataco's lawyers seems to think that party lost; 
* "One real amendment and more than fifty other proposals", here, the saga of current Irish copyright law reform, brought to you by guest Kat David; 
* "Kodak's IP Golem", here, a perceptive post by Neil on his return from India on how an IP-rich corporation managed to run aground so badly; 
* "Teenage star's attorneys chase Beaver", here, on the pursuit of a game version of Canada's national animal, loosely based on Justin Bieber, by the boy wonder's legal representatives; 
* "Appeal court won't cater for very hungry Caterpillar's appetite", here, noting the dismissal of appeal against a refusal to order some sort of barring order against an ex-employee without much thought as to what sort of confidential information might be in danger of being disclosed or wrongfully used; 
* "E Pluribus Unum: a US patent reform conference comes to Munich", here, in which the IPKat gets excited and waxes lyrical over a forthcoming conference for which readers of this weblog are entitled to a generous discount; 
* "What have the EPO Boards of Appeal been up to? Round-up of recent cases", here, the lazy patent practitioner's saviour. Read this and you can bluff your way through cocktail receptions with confidence.

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