"Seven deadly sins": a summer competition

The poster above, in which the European Patent Office claims copyright, purports to identify the "seven deadly sins" of the inventor, at least as viewed from the perspectives of patent administration and exploitation (there are far more than seven deadly sins in terms of patent litigation, but they lie too far downstream for the EPO chart to worry about).

The IPKat feels that it's unfair to stigmatise patents in this manner, when copyright, trade marks and design rights have at least as many sins.  He therefore invites readers to submit their own lists of seven deadly sins for IP rights other than patents, by not later than 31 July.  Apart from publication on this weblog and a katpat, an unsuitable prize (probably a pint of Badger at the Old Nick) will also be offered to the best entrants.  Please send your submissions to the IPKat here, with the subject line "Seven Deadly Sins".

Merpel adds, I bet you can't get seven deadly sins for protected geographical indications in the EU -- their minders can hardly do anything wrong ...
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Ron said...

The drawings are evidently the work of D W Dudman, a [former] UK Patent Examiner whose cartoons often appeared in the UK Patent Office Staff magazine in the 1960's to 1980's.

Anonymous said...

Did the EPO grant the Kat a licence to publish the work in which the claim copyright?

Jeremy said...

Anonymous: the IPKat was indeed granted a licence by the EPO on terms that he mention the EPO's assertion of copyright in the poster.

megathos lawpractice said...


I guess I can think of sins that trademark owners commit too.

In Nigeria, the list will be endless!

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