EU Observatory gets its first head

The IPKat has just received news, via a media release from the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM), that his friend Paul Maier -- who currently heads OHIM's Boards of Appeal -- is to be the new Director of its slightly controversial European Observatory on Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights.  According to the release:
"Mr Maier has been at the OHIM since 1995 [which, given the Alicante life style, must mean that he has eaten over 2,500 sea food meals ...], joining as chief advisor to the President of the Office. He was subsequently responsible for the Office´s enlargement preparations, and was made Director of the Designs Department in 2002. He was nominated President of the Boards of Appeal by the Council of Ministers in December 2005 and confirmed for a second mandate in May 2010. 
António Campinos, OHIM President, said: “We are thrilled that Paul has agreed to come on board as the first Director of the Observatory. He´s known across the IP landscape for his sound leadership, technical expertise and all-round experience. We couldn´t have got the Observatory off on a better footing.” 
Mr Maier will take up his post in January 2013. 
The new department incorporates not just the EU Observatory on IP infringement, transferred from the Commission to OHIM on the 5th of June, but also the OHIM Academy, the Office´s training and knowledge-sharing hub".
The IPKat wishes Paul good luck in this task.  Paul is not just a seasoned OHIM person: he's also a good listener. Let's hope he's a good observer too.  Merpel denies the rumour that she is to replace Paul as President of the Boards of Appeal.
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