Seasonal greetings to all our readers

Have a sparkling new year*
Many of our readers will be celebrating Christmas this year for religious, cultural, social, personal or commercial reasons -- and an even larger number of them will be celebrating the fact that between now and Monday 5 January there will be a succession of days which are either official holidays or days on which they will not be working.  Instead, they will be spending most if not all of their time away from their offices, desks, internet-enabled devices, conference rooms, laboratories or whatever, in the company of their television loved ones and, it is hoped, bringing happiness into the hearts and minds of others at a time when it can be all to easy for an individual to feel isolated and alone.

Merpel joins the IPKat and all the rest of the team in wishing all of our readers a pleasant festive season and assure them that intellectual property blogging on this weblog will continue throughout the period in question.  Have a good, restful break and a happy new calendar year!

* Artwork: Jersey Cats Emporium here
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