For the half-year to 30 June 2014, the IPKat's regular team is supplemented by contributions from guest bloggers Alberto Bellan, Darren Meale and Nadia Zegze.

Two of our regular Kats are currently on blogging sabbaticals. They are David Brophy and Catherine Lee.

The IPKat Team

Alberto Bellan
Following admission to the Italian Bar, this long-time Kat fan and occasional contributor has taught Comparative IP Law at University of Trieste, where he still returns whenever he can. Alberto has penned some articles in paper reviews and books on trade marks, designs and digital copyright. An assistant editor of the Queen Mary Journal of IP, he's a PhD candidate at the University of Milan. Alberto loves Italian defensive football tactical systems [given the nature of this weblog, Merpel thinks Alberto is referring to Katenaccio], British pop music and Israeli food. Alberto can be contacted here

Birgit Clark
A long-serving member of the IPKat blog team, Birgit -- who is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales and as a Rechtsanwaeltin in Germany -- practises as a Senior Trade Marks Practitioner in the London office of Baker & McKenzie LLP.  The world's leading expert on German polar bear cub names, Birgit also writes for MARQUES's Class 46 weblog and is an active member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice. Birgit can be contacted here

Darren Meale
Darren is an IP litigator at Simmons & Simmons in London, where he focuses on trade mark, copyright and design disputes. He trained at Herbert Smith and was previously at Dentons before joining Simmons late last year. He is a regular contributor and peer reviewer for JIPLP, with a particular interest in famous trade marks and digital rights issues, including the way in which the internet and new digital technologies interact with and potentially infringe intellectual property rights. Darren is also a part-time judge, sitting when his day job permits as a Deputy District Judge of the County Court. He prefers dogs to cats, but is willing to make an exception for Merpel. Darren's contact details are here.

Jeremy Phillips 
Jeremy PhillipsIP Consultant to London-based solicitors Olswang LLP, Jeremy is a Professorial Fellow, Queen Mary IP Institute and occasionally teaches at the University of Alicante, Spain. A veteran blogger and a founding member of the IPKat team in June 2003, he is heavily involved in IP consultancy work, editing the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP) and the European Trade Mark Reports (ETMR), conference and seminar organising and tackling freelance IP research projects. He also handles all the social media for MARQUES, the organisation for European trade marks.

Eleonora Rosati
Following a successful stint with the copyright-oriented 1709 Blog, Eleonora, who is a regular contributor to and Deputy Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, accepted the call to join the team after serving a six-month stint as a guest Kat. Formerly an IP researcher at the European University Institute, Florence, Dr Rosati -- who has served time at Bird & Bird LLP -- is now doing IP research at Cambridge University: a talented photographer, she can do a better Italian accent than any other member of the blog team (more details here).

Darren Smyth
A former guest Kat, patent attorney Darren is a partner in the IP practice of EIP. Like Eleonora he is an editorial board member and regular contributor to the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and he is also a blogmeister in his own right, being none other than the IP Alchemist.  Darren has a DPhil in synthetic organic chemistry and likes to entertain people by wearing interesting shirts in public (more details here).

Annsley Merelle Ward

Better known as the AmeriKat, though not exclusively tied to that tag, Annsley is the baby of the team — but you’d never guess it from her efficient research and powerful writing. An intellectual property litigation associate in the London office of Allen & Overy LLP, she holds law degrees from University College London and the University of Bristol and has a background in science having studied chemical engineering at the University of New Mexico. Annsley has a wide range of interests that span  all aspects of contentious IP, but she also enjoys reporting on legislative reforms, most recently on the proposed European unitary patent proposals. She also acts as an ad hoc adviser to the Victoria and Albert Museum on intellectual property matters (more details here).

Neil J. Wilkof

Of Counsel to Herzog Fox Neeman, Tel-Aviv, and to Dr Eyal Bressler & Co., Ramat Gan, Neil specialises in technology transfer and computer and internet law. He teaches and writes extensively on IP issues, being co-author of the current edition of the standard Sweet & Maxwell work on Trade Mark Licensing and a major contributor to the IP Finance weblog. As readers of his work will know, Neil rarely confines himself to the straitjacket of IP law when economic, philosophical or historical issues can be effectively brought to bear (more details here).

Nadia Zegze
Nadia is the third and final  member of the new intake of guest Kats. Currently a trainee solicitor with London-based law firm Davenport Lyons, Nadia has already contributed a couple of guest posts on this weblog.  An IP enthusiast whose interests include dispute resolution and both contentious and non-contentious issues, Nadia enjoys travel and is a keen musician, playing piano, violin and saxophone. We understand that she is also a dab hand at a spot of the old amateur dramatics.  Nadia has the distinction of being the first member of the IPKat team to have two "z"s in her surname. She can be contacted via the IPKat's email address here.

The AmeriKat

The AmeriKat is Annsley’s persona when she’s blogging on matters American. In principle the AmeriKat sends one or two weekly “Letter from AmeriKat” missives, though there are times when she will post an entire series of features on the same topic (Bilski was one such instance), and other times when she’s probably shopping …

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