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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Credible and green: can you help?

Do Kats have pets? This one does. The Intellectual Property Institute, apart from being one of the IPKat's pet causes, is currently working with its members to identify credible research which will underpin the public's understanding of the role of IP in developing and disseminating new, environmental technologies, as well as the relative importance of IP in this respect, compared to other factors (infrastructural, regulatory, political etc.).

Right: man eating greens

In this context the Institute has become aware of a series of literature reviews carried out by Daniel K. N. Johnson and his colleague Kristina M. Lybecker in the US, at the University of Colorado, which deal with:

* The impact of IP on the development of new environmental technologies (here);
* The impact of the IP system on the dissemination of environmental technologies (here);
* Models for financing the development of environmental technologies (here).
The Institute hopes to build up comprehensive data set of the existing information on this issue from credible sources and asks readers of this weblog that, if they are aware of any specific papers, articles or research activity of which they think the Institute should be aware, can they please email Dr Paul Leonard here and let him know.

Left: man-eating greens

Green technology here
Grow your own greens here (not for parents of children who are fussy eaters)
British racing greens here

Thursday, 5 February 2009

EU pharma sector inquiry -- the IPI response

The Intellectual Property Institute has prepared a paper for the EU Commission in response to the DG Competition Inquiry into the pharmaceutical sector (on which see IPKat posts here and here). Since responses have not yet apparently been posted on the Commission website, the IPKat is taking the liberty of pinning the IPI's response here. This response reflects the efforts of Duncan Curley and Steve Smith, who had to work to a very tight time framework and who, all things considered, have done a pretty good job.

Right: the IPKat has his own opinion about pharmaceutical products, but for once he's keeping his mouth shut.

STOP PRESS: the IPKat has just received the response of the Intellectual Property Lawyers' Association (IPLA) to the same Inquiry.  You can read the IPLA response here.

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