The IPKat is grateful to Lee Curtis of Pinsent Masons for pointing him in the direction of a story concerning the US 12th Man trade mark. Texas A&M University has been known as “Home of the 12th Man” since 1922, when a student, E. King Gill, was pulled from the stands to as a substitute for the injury-depleted Aggies (as A&M is known for short). Although Gill didn't play, but he was the last player standing on the sidelines in reserve and the Aggies won the game. A&M registered the 12th Man mark in 1990 and 1996 for various goods, including entertainment services and products like caps, T-shirts, novelty buttons and jewellery.

NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks, which has qualified for the Super Bowl, refers to its fans as a "12th Man". The NFL team uses the number 12 on team flags and banners, such as that flying on the team hotel and on merchandise and clothing.

Now A&M is bringing infringement proceedings and according to Seattle PI, the Seahawks have succeeding in having the case moved from A&M’s hometown to Houston, a hundred miles away.

The IPKat hopes that such things don’t come to the UK – the twelfth man is crucial to cricket. Merpel adds, the Texans may have Aggie but we have Aggers.
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