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Following a successful blogging debut with the copyright-oriented 1709 Blog, Eleonora, who is an Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, accepted the call to join the team after serving a stint as a GuestKat. She is currently a tenured Associate Professor in IP Law at Stockholm University, a Research Associate at LegalEdhec and an Of Counsel at Bird & Bird. She also runs the e-LAWnora consultancy and holds the distinction of doing a better Italian accent than any other member of the regular blog team. Her latest monograph is Copyright and the Court of Justice of the European Union (OUP:2019). In 2018, Managing Intellectual Property listed her among the '50 Most Influential People in IP'. More details on Eleonora here; Twitter here

Better known as the AmeriKat, though not exclusively tied to that tag, Annsley has been a permanent member of the blog since 2009. After 10 years on the blog, she is no longer the kitten of the team, but is now inspiring the next generation of IP lawyers with her efficient research and powerful writing. An intellectual property litigator at WilmerHale she holds law degrees from University College London and the University of Bristol and has a background in science having studied chemical engineering at the University of New Mexico. Although she specialises in cross-border patent and trade secret litigation in the TMT and life sciences sectors, Annsley's interests span all aspects of contentious IP. She also enjoys reporting on legislative reforms and policy, as well as ways to make the profession more inclusive and diverse (more details here). 

Of Counsel to Herzog Fox Neeman, Tel-Aviv, and to Dr Eyal Bressler & Co., Ramat Gan, Neil specialises in technology transfer and computer and internet law. He teaches and writes extensively on IP issues, being co-author of the current edition of the standard Sweet & Maxwell work on Trade Mark Licensing and a major contributor to the IP Finance weblog. As readers of his work will know, Neil rarely confines himself to the straitjacket of IP law when economic, philosophical or historical issues can be effectively brought to bear. More details here.


Merpel has been adding her own pithy comments to those of the IPKat since 2004. While the IPKat is a fairly simple soul, who (unless he is having one of his occasional rants) is generally quite pleased with the world and everything in it, Merpel has a much more sly and cynical side to her; she's also prone to make the occasionally provocative or mischievous pronouncement. She is empowered to post her own blogs but is generally far too busy enjoying life to bother doing so; one of her favourite occupations is to sit at the IPKat's shoulder while he is blogging, pointing out spelling errors and telling him where he's just plain wrong. Merpel is not the pseudonym of any particular member of the blog team: she is a common resource and can be given voice by any one of us. Oh, and one more thing: Merpel and the IPKat are just good friends ...  You can write to Merpel at


Léon is a doctoral student at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, where he writes about proportionality in patent law injunctions. He studied law at Utrecht University and the University of California, Berkeley and practiced law for five years at the Amsterdam office of HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER LLP, where he focused primarily on patent and trade mark litigation. He regularly speaks and publishes on topics across all IP disciplines and will head the European Law section of the European Journal of Legal Studies. A born-again cat person, he enjoys spending time with his kittens Cosimo and Lucrezia, as well as swimming, reading and DJ'ing. You can read more about Léon here.

Riana is a legal assistant at the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), working with the litigation and legal policy teams on copyright matters for the recording industry worldwide. She has also worked on research for Incopro's White Paper on the role of search engines in the proliferation of counterfeit goods. Riana's interests (understandably) lie in copyright, trade marks and online IP infringement. More information can be found here.

Rose Hughes

Rose is a European Patent Attorney for AstraZeneca, specialising in large-molecule pharmaceuticals. Rose manages complex patent filing strategies in a rapidly expanding and diverse IP portfolio. Rose also has a PhD in immunology and infectious disease from University College London. You can learn more about Rose here.

Thomas is pursuing his JD with a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law. A political science graduate from Northwestern University, he has a passion for policy development, both at the domestic and international level. Also, he was a DJ many years ago; through this experience, he developed a strong interest in copyright and its effect on the creative process. You can learn more about Thomas here.

Peter Ling

Grown up in Budapest and Geneva before joining Lenz & Staehelin’s IP practice in Zurich, Peter holds a Master of Law of Fribourg University (Switzerland) and an LL.M. of Columbia Law School. Peter is mostly active in IP litigation and arbitration, as well as in life sciences and healthcare regulatory issues. Peter also periodically teaches civil procedure to patent attorney candidates at the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and copyright law to students in Information Studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. As a true Swiss IP practitioner, he has a strong interest in watchmaking patents, cheese trademarks and is reported to have a secret drawer full of chocolate in his office. You can read more about Peter here.

A Swedish/English/Bosnian native/bilingual speaker, Nedim holds an LLM in European IP law from Stockholm University. He currently works as an Associate at Bonde Barzey in Stockholm, where he tackles a variety of legal matters. A specialist chef of pre-cooked Swedish meatballs, if you happen to travel to Stockholm let him know! You can learn more about Nedim here and follow him on Twitter here

Currently an Associate Professor and Reader in IP law at Stockholm University as well as at Linnaeus University in Sweden, Frantzeska holds an LLM and a doctorate from Stockholm University. Before accepting a full-time tenure at Stockholm University, she was the head of the IP department at the Swedish Association of Industries. Frantzeska’s research interests focus on patent law and regulatory law as well as on matters that relate to the international regulation of IPRs. You can learn more about Frantzeska here.

Alex is an English-qualified solicitor, and a Senior Associate at Kemp Little LLPA series of serendipitous events led him to IP law, and he now specialises in IP disputes, mostly those of a “softer” nature. Alex is a reformed geographer, perhaps leading to his interests in IP policy, comparative law and the legal aspects of sustainability (they do exist). Alex grew up with family Kats but (whisper it) is now more of a dog person. Further information about Alex can be found here.


Verónica has the honour of being the first TechieKat. She is a Qualified Lawyer with extensive experience in the prosecution, enforcement, and litigation of IPRs. Passionate about IP Law and tech-related legal issues, she has studied and worked in five countries. Verónica has provided legal advice to multinational corporations, associations and SMEs in relation to cross-border IP, regulatory and contractual issues. She holds an LL.M. from Maastricht University and Specialization from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, both in IP Law. Verónica also contributes to the IPTango blog and the Intellectual Property Chapter of the Encyclopedia of Information Technology Law (Westlaw). She is a member of the Editorial Board of The Trademark Lawyer Magazine and the Board of Directors of the Mexican Talent Network in the Netherlands. Likewise, Verónica is an IP mentor at HighTechXL. More details on the TechieKat here.

Hayleigh is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University London. She is founder of World IP Women (WIPWand Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management (CIPPM). She holds a PhD in Copyright Law from Bournemouth University under the Vice Chancellor's Scholarship Award. Hayleigh's main research areas include copyright enforcement and infringement in the entertainment industries. More details on Hayleigh here, follow her on Twitter here.

As an IP enthusiast from the other side of the Eurasian continent, Tian is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Maastricht University, having previously completed the advanced master program of Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management there. Her PhD thesis is about the protection of famous trade marks in China, EU and the U.S. Her keen-to-learn mindset has extended her expertise to the interactions between GDPR and IP - in May 2019 Tian was certified as a Data Protection Officer in the Netherlands. Tian has been happily a prolific author regularly publishes law, society and culture related articles in the international press. Tian also runs IP Stork B.V., an IP consultancy located in Den Haag, which is dedicated to building IP bridges between EU and China, and to adding value to the beloved IP community. More details on Tian here, and twitter here.

Chijioke has over a decade of law practice experience having been called to the Nigerian Bar since 2006 and practised in one of Nigeria’s leading commercial law firms. She holds an LLM in Internet Law and Policy from the University of Strathclyde and a doctorate from University of Cape Town. Chijioke is currently appointed a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the DST/NRF Research Chair in Intellectual Property, Innovation & Development at the University of Cape Town and a Queen Elizabeth Scholar under the Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) project. She also runs Penguide Advisory, an IP, Technology and Development consultancy. Highly regarded in African IP law circles, Chijioke is a regular contributor to Afro-IP Blog and is a Chartered Mediator as well as a peer reviewer for a number of IP law journals. More about Chijioke on LinkedIn and Twitter, here.


Sophie is currently studying the LLM in Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law at Trinity College Dublin, after spending a year as an intern in data protection litigation following the completion of her undergraduate degree in law at the University of Oxford. Perhaps inconveniently for someone originally from the UK, she is particularly interested in EU law and integration issues such as copyright harmonization. More on Sophie, here.

Magdaleen Jooste

Magdaleen a is candidate patent attorney at a boutique IP law firm in the heart of South Africa. Here she gains experience in patent, design, trademark and copyright law. After staying up for a few nights, she also completed five of her South African Patent Board exams. She holds a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Johannesburg and is currently completing her third year LLB. Fun fact, she started a course in Spanish, so she might be able to understand that there is more to Spanish than tacos and llamas. More information about Magdaleen can be found here.

Anastasiia Kyrylenko

Anastasiia is currently pursuing her PhD degree in IP law at the Universities of Alicante and of Strasbourg, as part of EIPIN-IS European Joint Degree Doctorate. Her main research interests (and, hence, her thesis) revolve around international IP law and regulation of IP in bilateral trade agreements. She takes additional interest in geographical indications, design law and her cat Louis-Michel. Prior to joining the EIPIN-IS PhD, Anastasiia received a master’s degree in IP Law and New Technologies from the University of Alicante. She also has a background in technical assistance, having worked for several EU-funded projects dedicated to adapt Ukrainian legislation in line with the requirements of the EU/Ukraine free trade agreement. More information about Anastasiia can be found here.

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