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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"Desperately seeking the Big Picture": live and on stream ...

Today (for those of you who are in Australia, at any rate) IPKat blogmeister Jeremy will be delivering this year's Francis Gurry Lecture on Intellectual Property -- the sixth in the series -- under the title ""IP in Transition: desperately seeking the Big Picture". Details of this lecture, co-presented by the University of Melbourne and the Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, can be found here.

Live streaming can be accessed from the same link. You have to go down to the lower half of the web page, then just keep hovering your mouse over different bits of the page till you get an instruction that reads "Live streaming is not broadcasting at the moment".  That's the big that will be going live later. If you miss the streaming, never mind.  The event is being recorded, written up for publication and dramatised for performance by Cirque de Soleil ...

In the absence of any official information concerning a Twitter hashtag, Jeremy suggests #FGL2014

Jeremy, who arrived in Melbourne only yesterday, has finally finished writing his lecture and is spending the rest of the afternoon setting alarm clocks so as to guard against the worst effects of jetlag.

Merpel is looking forward to this lecture. She always likes to see events that demonstrate cooperation between academe and the IP profession, who have more to offer one another than nuts and canapés. She's also impressed that, in the wide open spaces of Australia, it's possible to accommodate an institute that's so big that there's room for patent and trade mark attorneys to share it.


Anonymous said...

Cat among the pigeons! Enjoyed the streaming. Good to hear a speaker who is guaranteed to annoy historians, philosophers and especially economists.

Anonymous said...

Do we get to find out what the Big Picture looks like? I expect it's a picture of a cat, like most other pictures on this blog.

Jeremy said...

@Anonymous of 05:46

I will be revealing the Big Picture -- on this very weblog and in full colour -- after I've given my fourth lecture in Brisbane on Tuesday. It's not a cat, for once, either. I'm hoping my Australian audiences won't give the game away either ...

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