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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

WIPO has a new Director General ...

Once again IP Watch has delivered the best and latest news: following the results of the third round,

Francis Gurry (Australia) 35
José Graça Aranha (Brazil) 29
Masood Khan (Pakistan) 19
it thus became a two horse-race - Gurry versus Aranha. The final votes were cast as follows:
Francis Gurry 42
José Graça Aranha 41.
The IPKt congratulates Francis on his win. He knows him of old, as a sincere and committed IP enthusiast and looks forward to his reign.


Hector MacQueen said...

Excellent news. The only pity is that presumably Francis will now definitely not have time to produce a second edition of his fine "Breach of Confidence" (OUP, 1984), a work to which this contributor was first alerted by reference to it in the great Spycatcher case under the alias of "Curry". Professor Gareth Jones put me right shortly afterwards. I was recently delighted to acquire a copy of the book after many years' searching, and it still has much to offer in today's world where breach of confidence has become (apparently) privacy.

Anonymous said...

Does he inherit the previous DG's swimming pool or did that go with the previous DG as a parting gift?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Next time, can the IPKats provide the betting odds?

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