A gift to Pfizer

As the IPKat was walking along London's New Oxford Street yesterday, just round the corner from the heart of Legal London, he noticed a little shop, the San Ling Chinese Medicine Centre, which bore the accompanying "Herbal Viagra" advertisement in its window. Suspecting that there are quite a few Pfizer employees among his readers, the Kat thought he'd post these pictures as a gift to the company so they know where to go if they want to make enquiries of this particular product.

Merpel says, hang on there -- are you so sure that this isn't just a subtle form of brand extension by the pharmaceutical company.

Both Kats wonder if the sign will still be there the next time they pass the shop
A gift to Pfizer A gift to Pfizer Reviewed by Jeremy on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Is this a service the IPKat is offering to all brand owners or is Pfizer specially privileged?

Jeremy said...

It was just my good fortune to be passing the shop while my camera's battery was charged up. I'm happy to furnish the same service in respect of any brand. Readers can send their own photos too -- so long as they're current, carry information that allows the target to be identified and come with an indemnity :-)

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, there is an article in the Süd Deutsche Newspaper today where a seller of blue, flavoured pumpkin seeds marketed under the TM 'Styriagra' has been sued for TM infringement.


I don't rate the chances of your San Ling shop escaping Pfizer's attention.


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