Unwrapping the Law

"Unwrapping the Law: Reflections on Christo, Copyright Law and Conceptual Art" is the title of an LLM dissertation submitted this summer to Queen Mary, University of London, by Pauline Perlmutter. It's an enjoyable and well-written piece that takes a fairly cautious view of the role that copyright can play in this tantalising area, discussing Christo's Wrapped Reichstag (right) and Pont Neuf as well as speculating over the fictional case of the Wrapped Gherkin. This blogger read it with Wrapped Attention ...

If you'd like to have a look at this dissertation, you can email Pauline here and ask her for sight of it.

Christo here
Christmas wrappings here
Monte Cristo here
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Cédric said...

An information posted a few days after the French Court of cassation made clear that the conceptual approach of an artist can be subject to copyright when it is embodied in a work (Court of cassation, first civil chamber, 13 November 2008, http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/telecharger_rtf.do?idTexte=JURITEXT000019772214&origine=juriJudi)!

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