CIPA Gala Dinner menu: Grubb's up!

Friday marked the closing date for entries to the competition to select the menu for the Gala Dinner which the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) will shortly be holding as the centrepiece of this year's Congress (click here for programme details: you may still have the chance to register!).  The IPKat received many emails on the subject, some offering a single course (happily, humble pie was not mentioned) and one offering practical tips on how to dispose of the diners' bodies afterwards.

One entry (should that be entrée?) was so much better than the rest that it would be invidious to publish the runners-up, and that -- appropriately given the surname of the successful entrant -- came from the ever-fertile pen of Philip Grubb. The winning menu runs as follows:
Claim chowder

Pith and marrow bone

Pozzoli con festo

Lammy cutlets with broccoli and tomatoes

Cheese board
Kort geding (NL)
Swiss-type (CH)
Saisie (FR)

Apple® pie à la best mode

Free beer
Cassis de Dijon
Congratulations, Philip, says the IPKat.  You have won the prize -- complimentary registration for this year's Congress.
CIPA Gala Dinner menu: Grubb's up! CIPA Gala Dinner menu: Grubb's up! Reviewed by Jeremy on Sunday, September 19, 2010 Rating: 5


Trevor Cook said...

In response to the data exclusivity query the question is whether these are new active substances. There are conflicting views that are not easily reconciled. Thus there is currently in Case T-275/09 Sepracor a challenge to a decision that an enantiomer (eszoplicone) to an already authorised racemate (zoplicone) is not a new active substance, and indeed because of this Sepracor have apparently abandoned the product in Europe. However earlier this year a number of generic authorisations for escitalopram were suspended on the basis that its data exclusivity had not been respected, which thus had the effect of treating escitalopram as a new active substance over citalopram.

Anonymous said...

Should the menu not also contain a "Razzall"? Lammy's successor as IP Minister is Tim Razzall, former partner of Frere Cholmeley.

Anonymous said...

I thought Baroness Wilcox was the current IP minister?

Baroness of Beef?

Anonymous said...

How about some Cox apples as dessert?

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