We welcome Matt the Kat

It is with the greatest of pleasure that the IPKat team introduces readers to its newest member: Matt the Kat (sometimes known by his alias Matthew Fisher: you can read a bit about him here). Matt is a patent kat through and through -- but he will have free rein to post on whatever topics catch his observant eye.

Some of you are already asking, "What about Tufty?" Well, we're pleased to say that he is still with us -- but he'll be operating in a slightly more elevated capacity. As an Emeritus Kat he will be guest-blogging with us on matters that take his fancy, and he will naturally be prowling around the weblog's back pages, keeping us lesser Kats in order and making sure that the judiciary doesn't dare step out of line.

Herding cats here ("One of the best links ever" -- Mr. I. P. Kat)
Intelligence among cats here
Cat skills here
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