Apple v Samsung - The Trial

This Kat's enthusiasm for the litigation between Apple and Samsung about tablet computers - the rather rare beast of alleged infringement of a (Community) Registered Design - is only slightly tempered by the nagging suspicion that no-one else really cares.

In the hope that he is wrong, he just wants to let his readers know that the trial itself has now been announced - an expedited trial date was originally ordered by Mann J, and, in the subsequent appeal, the Court of Appeal ordered that this date be adhered to.

The trial is down to be heard by His Honour Judge Birss, sitting as a Judge of the High Court, (not the Patents County Court), on Monday 18 June at 10.30 in Court 6.  This Kat won't be able to be there, but if any interested observers are, he would be interested for any commentary.

The picture has no relation to this post, but instructs the reader to beware the cat.
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Stephen said...

It must be some cat to be housed behind a steel door. Good to see you found use for the photo!

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