The latest Paul is.... Yvonne the cow

Bearing in mind the impending start of the EURO 2012 Football Championships, in her most recent IPKat post Cat the Kat has been investigating which animal might replace Paul the psychic Octopus .  While Cat has introduced us to several likely contenders, one German candidate is missing: Yvonne, the cow (in German: "Kuh Yvonne", the photo to the right does not actually depict Yvonne).

German news site today reports that Kuh Yvonne  -- who rose to considerable fame in Germany last year after escaping  from a farm and hiding in the Bavarian woods for several weeks with.local farmers, police and animal rights activists trying to capture her -- has now also developed a clear psychic talent.  How this talent was first discovered appears unclear (even though this Kat has some ideas...) but what is obvious is that Yvonne's first prediction has already alienated some German observers. If Yvonne is right Portugal will win in its game against Germany.  

Like any respectable psychic celebrity animal  these days, Kuh Yvonne is the subject of a (German) trade mark registration covering the usual merchandise classes  9, 16, 21, 25 and 28 (see to the left). also reports that there are already plans for a Hollywood film telling Yvonne's story; working title: 'Cow on the run'. A little bit of extra publicity can therefore not hurt, muses Merpel and if Yvonne keeps predicting poor results for the German team, there is a risk that she will be on the run again -- sooner rather than later.

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Anonymous said...

Why is there no picture of the real Yvonne? Have the German paparazzi suddenly become so timid? And can this moo-alike beast sue for invasion of privacy and false attribution of celebrity status? I think we should be told.

Birgit Clark said...

If you click on the link provided to N-tv's report, you will be able to see an image of the real Yvonne. This Kat did not want to use copyrighted material....

Roufousse T. Fairfly said...

I hope that we'll soon be past the crest of this oracle inflation.

There is a picture of Yvonne in the Polish press. I have a preference Fretka Fret ("Fred the Ferret"), a resident of the Kharkov zoo.

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