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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

When a holiday e-card meets IP: Well done, IPOS!

As Kat readers around the world are entering into the holiday season, this Kat takes careful note of the many e-cards that are sent his way. He usually refrains from entering into a self-ranking of these cards, aesthetics and taste being so individual. But all good rules have even better exceptions. Occasionally a holiday e-card comes his way that stands out, especially within the context of this blog site, being devoted as it is to IP issues. What could be more delectable for Kat readers at this season than combining IP with holiday mirth and cheer.

In this case, the e-card that was received from IPOS (the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) merits special attention. Produced by the Patent Analytics team at IPOS International, the e-card is reproduced below with kind permission--

                                                                                                                       Well done, IPOS!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This may be the most* useful patent contour map I have ever seen.


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