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In December of 2016, the U.S. Copyright Office released a Report on Software Enabled Consumer Products. Notably, the U.S. Copyright Office believes that, at least in the context of copyright law, that there is not a need for new legislation -- current flexibilities in the law can accommodate technological change. 

Mike Mireles reports the recently released Highlights report by Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) concerning its FY2015 annual survey, and explains why the results of the survey are promising. 

CopyKat, PasteKat...

JIPLP’s Editorial board member Danny Friedmann (IP Dragon and Simone Intellectual Property Services Hong Kong) shared some interesting comments on Hong Kong's new patent system, following the changes introduced by the Patent (Amendment) Bill 2015.

Tibbie McIntyre brings the first CopyKat of the year -- Disney’s Lightning McQueen wins in Chinese Copyright case, Cars vs. Autobots. 

The Delhi High Court has restrained 3 domestic collection societies from granting any such license till April 24th 2017 -- turns out that only registered societies can grant licenses in respect of copyrighted work(s). 
The fashion law blog brings an exclusive report of the case: BURBERRY LIMITED (UK) ET AL V. MOISEE, 1:16CV05943 -- After filing a strongly-worded trademark infringement suit against rapper Burberry Perry this summer in the U.S., Burberry has been handed the final victory in this “irreparable harm” case. 

Lessons from Chanel and Coty’s "Smell-Alike" Victory
A Netherlands court has held that use of perfume comparisons constitutes trademark infringement when it crosses the boundaries of comparative advertising. The flourishing trade in “smell-alikes” is a thorn in the side of the makers of well-known perfumes, including Chanel and Calvin Klein. However, thanks to a recent judgement from the District Court of The Hague, these parties’ ability to fight such practices has been strengthened.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Nyske Blokhuis.
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