Samsung: Cooperation is Key

Working together
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This morning, this Kat read with great interest the AmeriKat's post on the open letter, initially published in the New York Times, co-signed by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and other "strange bedfellows," addressing concerns in respect of the Unified Patent Court's Rules of Procedure. 

Apparently, strange bedfellows might also make useful partners in business development and revenue growth. Samsung and LG have come to the realization that patent litigation between the companies is a costly distraction from their core businesses operations.  They have thus agreed to end their courtroom battles immediately.  The companies have announced that, rather than compete with each other, they will work together to best their competitors in China, Japan and elsewhere.

According to Samsung, it has
“come to an agreement with LG Display to focus on finding ways to cooperate on patent matters though discussions, and to immediately drop lawsuits over liquid-crystal displays and next-generation organic light-emitting-diode display patents.”
LG, in its own announcement, acknowledged that "[w]hat's most important for both of us is upgrading our competitiveness globally.”

This Kat thinks that the funds that would have been spent on patent litigation are certainly better used for R&D, and she applauds the companies for their determination to work together [or, at least, to avoid fighting with each other]

The IP Kat hasn't heard any other details of this arrangement yet.  Are any readers aware of the extent to which the companies might cooperate on new innovations?  Or is this cooperation mainly limited to an agreement to stop suing each other?
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  1. According to the article you cite, the agreement is between LG *DISPLAY* and Samsung *DISPLAY*.

    It may not be coincidence that most smartphone manufacturers other than Samsung and LG do not manufacture their own displays but rather they buy their displays from, you guessed it, Samsung and LG.

    Displays are but one component of smartphones. They are, of course, also useful in other applications!

    I suspect we may well continue to see less cooperation between Samsung and LG in other spheres of technology.

  2. Hmm interesting view on cooperation between Samsung and LG. But Samsung does have some in house advantages such as customizable apps for Samsung Copier Singapore.


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