A bit more about the IPKat

Launched in 2003 as a teaching aid for Intellectual Property Law students in London, the IPKat’s blog has become a popular source of material, comment, and amusement for IP owners, practitioners, judges, students, and administrators. Here are a few facts you may not know:
  • The IPKat does not carry paid advertising and does not subscribe to any online advertising services;
  • The IPKat does not carry reciprocal links to other blogs or websites;
  • IPKAT is a registered European Union trade mark. You can see the details here;
  • Many of the cat illustrations featured on the blog are photographs of readers’ cats;
  • You can follow the IPKat on Twitter here, Facebook here, LinkedIn here, and Reddit here;
  • The IPKat has two URLs: www.ipkat.com and https://ipkitten.blogspot.com;
  • It's possible to bookmark the posts when reading the blog via https://ipkitten.blogspot.com;
  • The top right-hand corner of the blog has a word-search facility to help you find what you’re looking for (you may have to consent to cookies to see the search box);
  • The IPKat can be emailed at theipkat@gmail.com, and Merpel has her own inbox at merpel.ipkat@gmail.com;
  • The IPKat has never been sued for copyright infringement or trade mark infringement, though it has been threatened with legal action for defamation (twice, both threats being retracted) and contempt of court (once, the threat being retracted);
  • The IPKat has an automatic take-down policy whenever an IP rights owner asks it to cease use of its material;
  • The IPKat team is comprised of, and the IPKat posts are authored by a diverse array of individuals from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, all writing in their personal capacity. Their posts and views are not reflective of their respective firms, companies or associations;
  • Press releases, public announcements, and proposals for the IPKat-organised seminars and training sessions should be sent to theipkat@gmail.com.
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