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Tuesday, 12 October 2004


Here is Case T-35/03 Aventis CropScience SA v OHIM. Of the 20 official languages of the European Union, this Court of First Instance decision is available in just one: Spanish. The case arises from an opposition to the registration of CARPO as a Community trade mark on the ground of confusing similarity with HARPO Z.

The IPKat earnestly begs anyone with some knowledge of Spanish to tell him (i) what this case decides and (ii) whether it contains any legal principle worth letting everyone know about.

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Anonymous said...

At the rescue of the IPKat:

1) The Court of First Instance decides to dismiss the appeal (filed against a contrary opposition decision from OHIM) stating that CTM Appl. CARPO is not confusingly similar to previous Spanish registered trademark No. 1.731.865 HARPO Z, both of them in class 05 covering "preparations for destroying vermin, heribicides and fungicides"

2) No legal principal worth of spreading, just a rutinary decision confiming OHIM's examination criterion when likelihood of confussion is not present among the marks notwithstanding the similar goods covered.

My regards always to the lectured IPKat.
Juan M. Alvarez

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