Issue 4 of Legalease's excellent bimonthly Life Sciences, Law & Business has now been published. It contains, among other feaures, the following:

* "Regulatory affairs -- herbal remedies" by Joanne Wheeler and Genevieve Michaux of Covington & Burling. This article takes a look at the EU's new rules that, many people claim, are intended to squeeze the vigour out of the alternative medicine market and unfairly benefit the "traditional" pharmaceutical industry.

* "Patenting gene sequences -- technical knockout for Myriad" by Herbert Smith lawyer Gareth Morgan. This piece looks at European Patent Office practice in the light of the EPO's rejection of the recent Myriad application.

* "Interim injunctions -- branded v generics: a legal weapon", in which Simmons & Simmons' Paul Inman takes a critical look at current English practice.

The IPKat enjoys his little bimonthly dose of Life Sciences, Law & Business and hopes it carries on in the manner of its earliest beginnings.
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