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Sunday, 4 June 2006


The IPKat says "thanks"

Despite being interrupted by bank holidays, May has turned out to be quite a good month for visits to the IPKat's weblog. The month's total number of casual visits reached 13,200 (not far short of March's best-ever 13,447). Last week was our biggest week ever for hits, with 3,372 visits - that's the first time we've ever broken the 3,300 barrier.

More to the point, the blog carried no fewer than 115 postings (that's nearly 4 a day), in keeping with the Kat's intention to keep you all as well informed as possible on exciting/important IP developments. Those postings cover new case law, treaties, statutes, book and journal reviews, announcements of events, newsy snippets (including readers' favourites), requests for help and even competitions.

By the end of March we had just 399 readers on our Gmail circular list. But now, having reached the end of May, we're happy to post each blog out to 461 readers. If you want to sign up to get each posting as it occurs, together with sundry items of junk that escape the filter, just email the IPKat here and let him know, or scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your name in the little Google Groups box.

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Justin Patten said...

Congratulations to the IPKat. This is an excellent blog.

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