SCRIPT-ed now online

The June issue of Edinburgh University’s SCRIPT-ed is online. Included are:

* an open letter to the Gowers Review from an assortment of UK IP academics;

* Shuba Ghosh on ‘The Intellectual Property Incentive: Not So Natural As To Warrant Strong Exclusivity’;

*Allan Gordon et al on Patent Remedies: Online Management of IP Services;

* Dennis KW Khong on copyright protection of tables and compilations;

* Andres Guadamuz Gonzales on the new GNU Public Licence;

* David R Koepsell on the mystery of intellectual capital;

* The joy of book reviews.
All you cheapskates out there can sleep safely in your beds with the knowledge that it is free.

US Intellectual Property Law and Policy

The IPKat has come into possession of a copy of the first in the relaunched Queen Mary Studies in Intellectual Property series. Edited by Professor Hugh Hansen of Fordham Law School, the volume includes contributions from a stable of prominent US academics:
* Rochelle Dreyfuss on patenting business methods patents;
* Jane Ginsburg on the development of an access right in US copyright law;
* Graeme Dinwoodie on the rational limits to trade mark law;
* Marshall Leaffer on sixty years of the Lanham Act and the decline of monopoly phobia;
* John Thomas on claim construction by the USCAFC;
* Pamela Samuelson on economic and constitutional influences on copyright law in the US.
All this can be yours for £49.50 from the Edward Elgar website.

Anyone here blog and speak English?

Ian Best, author of the 3L Epiphany blog has the following question:

Are you aware of any court cases in the United Kingdom that have cited legal blogs? If so, could you please let me know, preferably with the case citations and the name of the blogs? I would like to inform my readers about them.
If you know of any such cases, please drop the IPKat an email here and he’ll forward it.
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Guy said...

The criticisms of the terms of reference for the Gowers Review in SCRIPT-ed should have been directed at Gordon Brown not Andrew Gowers. Brown set up the review as a Treasury exercise to study the financial implications of IP laws.

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