Tony Blair in trade mark shock horror scandal

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced his forthcoming resignation - but it seems he may have forgotten to register TONY BLAIR as a UK or Community trade mark. This appears to be in the great tradition of British Premiers: John Major, Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath, James Callaghan and Harold Wilson are also unregistered - though Winston Churchill has been a Community trade mark for brandy and cigars since 1998.

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Tony Blair in trade mark shock horror scandal Tony Blair in trade mark shock horror scandal Reviewed by Jeremy on Thursday, May 10, 2007 Rating: 5

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Arthurian Legend said...

However, a David Cameron Clark of Cornwall is the joint proprietor of UK trade mark registration No. 2387170 GATEWAY TO HEAVEN for "Memorial stones and monuments" in Class 19.

The Prime Minister has been known to be searching for something else for the British people to be remember him by...

and David Cameron did once claim to be the "heir to Blair"...

What better than a David Cameron headstone?

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