BP Council - any ideas?

A representative of the Brand Protection Council has written to inform the IPKat of the forthcoming launch of the BP Council's website, www.BPCouncil.com. he explains that
"the BPCouncil is an independent platform for the exchange of ideas, information and best practices between professionals in the fields relating to brand protection. The mission of the BPCouncil is to connect brand owners, service providers, technology vendors, governing bodies, and enforcement agencies creating a community for learning, networking, and commercial opportunities".
Other than that its address is given as Rue du Roveray 16, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland, the IPKat knows nothing of this organisation. Can any of his readers enlighten him? Merpel says, if it's a genuine organisation I'd like to see some genuine brand names to go with it. Is it just another attempt to drum up internet traffic, or is there more?
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David said...

Strangely, the registered address for bpcouncil.com, 16 Rue de Roveray, Geneva, is the same as that listed for the Switzerland Nicaraguan mission. I am none the wiser.

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