Naloty naming competition

About a fortnight ago the IPKat posted this item concerning the Polish Naloty website, which tracks Polish police actions against computer piracy.

Right: dealing with sophisticated computer piracy, the police often find themselves under-resourced

The Kat was a little concerned about the provenance of this website, but he has since made contact with its founder, Antoni Leniek, who writes:

"I am a 23 year old student of IT at the University of Technology in Czestochowa. I'm just finishing my studies and this site is part of my engineering thesis (the subject of the thesis is "Web 2.0 - Second Generation of World Wide Web"). In Poland Web 2.0 is growing and growing day by day; however we are behind the rest of the Internet community".
Antoni is thinking it would be a good idea to take this participative website international, but he needs a good name for it. 'Naloty' means 'police raid' in Polish, but it doesn't have the resonance and appeal of a good, catchy name. Says Antoni, there's a bottle of Polish vodka for whoever can suggest a better name. The closing date for suggestions is this Friday. Please send your suggestions to the IPKat here.
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Peter Groves said...

Naloty is a fine name. Why should it be changed? In English, we've borrowed plenty of words from other languages - actually, I suppose we borrowed all of them from somewhere - so why not follow that tradition and adopt it as a replacement for the extremely boring literal equivelant?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelly "Naloty" is Polish word which will be not understandable for other people. Maybe something like "" or similar?

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