Sole and small IP practice group to meet again

A meeting of the Solo Independent Intellectual Property Practitioners group is looming up on Wednesday 25 July, at 5pm in the offices of solicitors Collyer Bristow (London: address here, map here). The Trade Marks Registry will be sending a representative - primarily to receive feedback about issues like abandoning relative grounds examination, the opt-in and anything else the group would like to throw at them. This might include designs, a subject which - despite the best efforts of some of the group's biggest enthusiasts - simply don't seem to be attractive to their clients.

Right: practice can be perilous for sole practitioners (nb Nick Butterworth's Mouse and Cat on Tight Rope is available from Chris Beetles here)

The group, through its volunteer mouthpiece Barbara Cookson, says:

"anyone who is working or alone or in a firmlet is hugely welcome to come along. But do let me know in advance!"
The IPKat says, having been to two earlier meetings of this group, it's must for anyone who is working alone or in a very small office as an IP person - whether you are a patent or trade mark attorney, a solicitor or barrister, in-house or out-house. A critical mass of participants has already been secured, so you won't feel alone when you turn up. Merpel adds that Collyer Bristow's offices are reputed to have some rather splendid items of artwork on display; it is even rumoured that some are available for sale (unlike the lawyers, who are only available for hire ...).
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