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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

UK-IPO website under threat from bureaucratic aliens

Ever anxious that the UK Intellectual Property Office's website should be of maximum benefit to its many users, the IPKat has learned that the Cabinet Office is proposing to reorganise government websites and to change the way they are accessed. If this proposal is adopted, many individual sites will be affected. The UK-IPO site, for one, is likely to be accessed via a wider government portal instead of being directly available.

Above, left: the UK-IPO website is bright, cheerful and imaginative

If you want to get through to the UK ex-Pat Office (here) with a minimum of clicking and clucking, email Mark Pacey here and assure him of your concern. Mark is the UK-IPO's Chief Information Officer and he'd love to hear from you.

Department of Trade and Industry's Innovation home page here: Merpel says, can you spot the carefully concealed link to the UK-IPO, craftily hidden under the obsolete label Patent Office?


Anonymous said...

Excuse me, is this the self same person who, when it was first launched, roundly condemned the new UK-IPO site as pretty much unfit for purpose.

Now, (OK, thanks to Wallace and Gromit), it is bright, cheerful and imaginative !

David said...

This particular kat still thinks that the organisation of the UK-IPO website leaves a lot to be desired, and does not necessarily view the proposed changes with as much trepidation as others might. I refer the reader to the sidebar on the left regarding conflicting kat views.

Jeremy said...

Dear anonymous - "bright, cheerful and imaginative" is not a statement of fitness for purpose, is it? Or have I missed something?

Ilanah said...

There are two issues here. Yes, the organisation of the UK-IPO does leave something to be desired. However, the concept of having a comprehensive and directly accessible website is something to be cherished. For its faults, the UK-IPO contains a wealth of valuable information of great public interest (albeit poorly indexed at times) and it would be very sad to see it threatened.

David said...

I just hope they don't change all the URLs again, like they did last year. Making all useful links to specific places on the website no longer work does no good for public relations.

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