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The IPKat congratulates the UK-IPO for finding something constructive to do with its time, while users and stakeholders are busying themselves with their holidays. The office has produced not one but two new online versions of the current version of the UK's Registered Designs Act 1949. The Kats have lost track of the number of occasions this statute has been amended since its passage nearly 60 years ago, but you can now (as of yesterday) download

* a text which has been prepared from what the office calls "the original and authoritative version of the Registered Designs Act
1949, as amended by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Registered Designs Regulations 2001 and the Registered Designs Regulations 2003" (available here);

* a consolidated version of the Act that shows the additions and deletions to the previous text as a result of the 2006 Order coming into effect (illustrated, above left, and available here).

Principal Acts and textual amendment here
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David said...

Of course, a consolidated version of the RDA has been available for the past year on the ukpatents wiki, together with the new 2006 Rules. Much more useful than the non-interactive pdf versions supplied by the UK-IPO, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone thought the RDA had not been amended enough and (in case anyone was unaware) section 143 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 abolishes the Registered Designs Appeals Tribunal and makes further amendments to the RDA. Although, the date this section comes into force has not yet been announced.

David said...

Well pointed out. This will be included in the wiki as soon as possible.

David said...

The relevant comments on section 28 of the RDA, and the provisional new section 27A, have now been included on the wiki.

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