If any of you were wondering why IPKat team member Jeremy has been so quiet today, it's only because he has been struggling to come to terms with a new computer - and with Windows Vista. So far, all attempts to import email addresses and contact lists, not to mention Explorer Favorites, have proved fruitless. If any reader was expecting to hear from Jeremy yesterday, or indeed any time over the next few days, can he please crave their indulgence?

Meanwhile, the IPKat wonders whether any average consumers of computer software and applications were led to assume that there was any connection between Windows Vista and AltaVista.

Look through any Window here
When I'm cleaning windows here
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  1. Jeremy:

    One gets the distinct impression that, where Vista is concerned, "More is less."

    Let your Kitty claw its way back to XP PRO - if it can - where you will have less DRM and TPM and more freedom to actually make things work.

    It's interesting that Dell, etc. seem to be catering to a market for those who still want to keep XP ...

    Maybe it's something about the devil one knows...Maybe it's about caving into next generation DRM and TPM and less capability....

  2. No more than 'Lips' is likely to lead to confusion with 'Phillips' is the answer there Jeremy.

    By the way, a funny thing happened when I tried to follow the link to 'When I'm cleaning windows'. I was actually barred by some sort of internal security filter, which said that the linked site contains porno or offensive material ! George Formby, surely not.......

  3. Umm, because both Vista and AltaVista use clever-looking interfaces to hide incredibly kludgy processing paradigms?

    The next time some "brilliant researcher" tries to claim that Xerox said that doing everything through graphical methods using a pointing device is not just incontrovertible, but universal, I'm going to:
    (1) Challenge him/her to come up with a citation to such research from Xerox (hint: it doesn't exist), and
    (2) Challenge him/her to get six visually impaired users to test his/her brilliant new interface.


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