Are mod chips legal now?

The IPKat, who has been unable to figure this out for himself, would very much like to know if this story (also reported here, here, here and here) is actually true. Has the Court of Appeal ruled that mod chips (such as the one picture right) do not break the law? Does this effectively overturn the decision in Sony v Ball relating to sections 296 and 296ZA (among others)? Or is the story (as the IPKat suspects) a little more complicated than that? Any further information would be gratefully received, either via the comment facility or by emailing the IPKat here.
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David said...

Justin has emailed the IPKat to say the following:

"The website contains a copy of what looks like an authentic order of the Court of Appeal. It shows that on 11 June the Court of Appeal made an order quashing the conviction, and reserving reasons to a date to be fixed. If that is the case, then further details will not be available. The case is R v Neil Higgs.

There is no reason to think this casts any doubt on Sony v Bell, which is a civil law decision and applies the civil rather than criminal provisions of ss296 et seq."

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