Not invited to the party -- but I have decided not to make a big tragedy of it

UK Parliamentarian Dr Ian Gibson MP hosted a reception for the All Party Writers' Group -- a ginger group managed by the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society -- on the House of Commons Terrace earlier this week. This reception was attended by Members of both Houses of Parliament, who had the opportunity to meet some of the UK best-known writers (Margaret Drabble, Shirley Hughes -- of Dogger fame -- and Ben Okri were among this member of the IPKat team's favourites).
Right: the IPKat's absence from the party was keenly felt
The politician's speech contained the usual ingredients: new world, global audience, internet, ensure that ... rights ... are safeguarded, creativity, creative excellence ... But there was a special treat for the 200 or so people who were present: poet Wendy Cope read a poem on the importance of copyright.

The IPKat thinks it's wonderful that a serious contemporary poet has written a poem on the importance of copyright. He is however curious to see what sort of treatment the subject-matter receives, bearing in mind that the same author wrote in 2002, virtually six years ago to the day:
"My cat is dead
But I have decided not to make a big tragedy of it".
The Kat suspects that copyright may receive somewhat kinder treatment. Alas, he wasn't able to attend this event, largely on account of not having been invited, but he asks any readers present if they can recall Wendy's words. If you can help, please email the text of the poem here, using the subject line Copyright Verse. Merpel says, you're surely not going to print it in full on this blog without the author's permission, are you?
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Statute Bard :-) said...

"I cannot Cope
Without my copyright.
It feeds me by day
And warms me by night.

As I grow old
It's plain to see
The longer it grows
The more content I'll be"

Anonymous said...

"There once was a poet called Cope
Who never had reason to mope.
But she said "lucky me,
If it weren't for Big "C"
I'd have lost every vestige of hope".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of copyright.. what about all the images you use in your blog posts?

Gobhicks said...

Don’t know about Wendy
But Julian Cope
Is a bard of great talent
Tho’ by some ‘tis said
Unfamiliar with soap.

(sorry Julian!)

David said...

Thorsten Lauterbach has written to the IPKat to point out that Wendy Cope's poem is available at this website (with permission from the author, of course).

twr57 said...

"..three qualities which are seldom found together except in the greatest poets: abundance, variety, and complete competence." - as T S Eliot said of Tennyson.

Three qualities seldom found together these days in poets at any level are readability, scansion and something comprehensible to say.

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