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Thursday, 19 June 2008

World Counterfeiting Day 2008

Following on from the IPKat's recent post about the distinct lack of global activity surrounding World Anti-Counterfeiting day, he has been reliably informed that there was indeed some activity going on, but not in the way you might expect. A new organisation SnideUK, who promise that "you might get more than you bargained for", has been set up to defend the rights of counterfeiters. Snide had their AGM to coincide with anti-counterfeiting day, and have been announcing their actions to the world via YouTube.

The UK Anti-Counterfeiting Group is apparently already on their case, and has warned that Snide will be facing the consequences of their actions. The IPKat looks forward to seeing the results. Merpel thinks the whole thing smells a bit fishy, and it's not just the tuna she had for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! The sheer brazen effrontery of this outfit is amazing, for they appear to have held their AGM in the boardroom of leading IP law firm Rouse Legal... :-)

Robert Seddon said...

'Our core business is of producing and selling a wide range of poor quality and dangerous products, and we are proud to say we excel in this field taking a particular note to pay no attention whatsoever to hazards, risks and consumer rights...'

A WHOIS lookup takes us to a marketing firm called Red Planet, whose clients include the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, the Patent Office and Trading Standards; I wonder whether one of them is at the root of it.

Anonymous said...

1. SnideUK is a fictional company created specifically for ACG and their latest awareness campaign.

Tudor said...

(Dictated to by Lennie McVitie)

"a fictional company"?!

Keep it up, that's how we've been getting away with this for so long.

You do-gooders have been getting it all your own way, and that's about to change. Our great team including our Marketing and Branding Director Bob Bunco, and our IT Whizz Kid Tudor Canibag have some surprises in store for you over the next six months.

Do keep up to date with our activities on our website (


ps We made Rouse and Co an offer they couldn't refuse...

Lennie McVitie
Chairman of the Board

Anonymous said...


I can see your business crumbling before your eyes. Before you can say "Jaffa Cake (R)" the ink on your £4 billion pounds will have started to fade.

If you want my advice, it would be far more profitable for you to move into another industry. I have a large pile of patents (well some people would call them applications, whatever they are) which are held offshore so no worries about tax. I am willing to sell these to you at a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory rate. All you have to do is employ some hotshot lawyers on a no win, no pay basis (keeps your costs down) to go after all the established companies and demand money with menaces.

So how about it? Swap some of your chocolate hobnobs(R) for my shiny certificates.

P. T. Roll

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