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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A little blog news

The IPKat's blogging team is about to change. Professor Johanna Gibson is stepping down (thanks, Jo, for your support and good luck for the future with all your endeavours!) and in her place the Kats welcome Birgit Clark (right).  Birgit is known to many IPKat readers for her work on the Class 46 European trade mark blog: we wish her the best of luck too.

Meanwhile, IPKat team blogger Jeremy has been trying to sort out a convenient way of bundling all the blogs he's involved with into one neat site. Thanks to fellow blogger Peter Groves he has now done so via Pageflakes. If you want to see which blogs Jeremy is working on, and who he is working with, all you have to do is click here.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Birgit will be able to help the Kat out when these nasty European institutions decide not to provide their judgements in English. The pageflakes link doesn't appear to work - the various Blogs appear then mysteriously shrink into nothingness (at least with Opera).


Jeremy said...

All of the Kats course understand German perfectly, along with all of the other official languages of the European Union, but they wish to demonstrate their solidarity with those users of the IP system who are not so fortunate or so talented.

Regarding Pageflakes, I've tested the link using Chrome and Explorer: each time it has worked without hitch.

Shireen Smith, Azrights said...

It also works perfectly well in Firefox

Anonymous said...

I think the problem I had was the firewall rather than the browser.


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