Curia replies to Sir Kat -- and it's good news!

Yesterday the IPKat carried on his campaign for the Curia website to fix the defective images of Community trade marks and signs that are supposed to be shown embedded in the judgments of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities in Community trade mark appeals (see earlier posts here and here). The IPKat has now received an emailed response, and it's a welcome one:
"Importance: High [Quite right! That's one thing that the IPKat and Curia agree on]

Dear Sir [The Court of Justice is a great stickler for protocol and correct etiquette. If its officials address a fictional Kat as "Sir", you can be sure that it's the proper mode of address ...],

To answer your mail from October 22, we corrected the image from case T-307/08. The access to the images should be all right now. [It is all right. The Kat has checked it out personally. The images in this decision are both reproduced on this post]

Yours sincerely,

Georgios Kamolinos
Cour de Justice des C.E."
The IPKat has already written to Georgios to thank him and to ask him a couple more things:
"1. It has been noted that images have been found to be inaccessible in many other judgments. We are all grateful that they have been instated for Case T-307/08. Can we now assume that they will be made to appear in all future CFI decisions and that the deficient images in the old judgments will be corrected?

2. Would it be possibly to place hyperlinks from the CFI decisions on Community trade marks and Registered Community Designs to the decisions of the Boards of Appeal of the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market from which the appeals or applications to the CFI have been made?".
As ever, the Kat waits expectantly for the positive answer he so fervently desires. If Curia says it doesn't have the money to carry on this important work, the IPKat knows exactly who does ... [If you really don't know, click here to find out].
Curia replies to Sir Kat -- and it's good news! Curia replies to Sir Kat -- and it's good news! Reviewed by Jeremy on Friday, October 23, 2009 Rating: 5


Neasy said...

Well done IPKat! Have a fish for your tea

Gobhicks said...

The Kat stood
In the street
Frowning from his head to his feet
He said “hey!
What is this?
I can’t see these
Trade mark images”
So he mailed
And waited patiently
For an answer
Then it came
And guess what
What he asked for is exactly what he got

All right now
Baby it’s all right now!

David said...

Very good, Gobhicks. That prompted me to look them up in Spotify. Lo and behold, here it is. Fire and Water is now going on my stereo.

Gobhicks said...

Thanks David. Hope you enjoy the unique guitar stylings of the late, great Paul Kossoff.

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