Copying without Infringing: a competition!

It's no secret that the IPKat is already getting ever so excited about the forthcoming Copying Without Infringing conference, scheduled for 24 November with IPKat team member Jeremy in the chair (click here for the full colour brochure). As in previous years he has twisted the arms and various other parts of the organisers' respective anatomies in order to procure a complimentary place plus delicious lunch and conference notes -- worth £495 plus VAT -- to anyone fortunate enough to win this year's competition.

The rules of the competition are simple. Please compose a haiku, according to the traditional Japanese rules, on one of the three subjects (all of which have something to do with the borders of infringing/non-infringing use of IP rights):
* fair dealing/fair use;

* the Bolar exemption;

* use of trade marks as AdWords.
You can enter as many times as you want, but (i) the closing date for entries is midnight, Greenwich Mean Time, on 31 October; (ii) entries must be sent by email with the subject line 'Haiku'; (iii) anyone whose haiku consists of sycophantic praise for the IPKat, Merpel or Tufty will be disqualified, even if the entry is published; (iv) the IPKat will publish the best entries unless the person submitting expressly states that he or she will be dismissed for sending them. Merpel, recalling previous competitions, adds a hint: streams of conscience in the style of James Joyce are not considered haikus; nor are limericks.
Copying without Infringing: a competition! Copying without Infringing: a competition! Reviewed by Jeremy on Monday, October 19, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. Bolar exemption –
    Analytical techniques...
    Espresso on tap?

    PAC adverts
    Data, markets and patents;
    Hot air on thin ice?

    Quality standards
    Yahoo... Microsoft... Google...
    Investment or waste?

    Tanja Cilia

  2. Are the conference notes made of rice paper?

  3. With the Bolar exemption
    seal that pharma application
    despite infringing someone else’s protection
    as long as you infringe
    but only
    for gaining a marketing approval.

  4. The Bolar Exemption

    Snow-cloaked bulbs quicken.
    Analyze, test, accredit -
    All this is allowed

  5. When I was a gal studying Eng Lit at uni, it was streams of conscousness for which James Joyce was known - though I think I prefer 'conscience', well done Merpel!

  6. Haiku instuctions
    Admirably clear, except
    Where do you send them?


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