Oxford IP journal gets its own weblog

JIPLP (pronounced "jip-lip") is the name of the new weblog which is to run in tandem with the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, the monthly periodical published by Oxford University Press. The JIPLP weblog is intended as a low-volume weblog which will post a relatively small number of items each month; it is emphatically not a news service: in the main, its content will be selected from Current Intelligence notes that have already featured in the journal, as well as some of the Editorials, comments, corrections, amendments and updates relating to features previously published in the journal.

Although this weblog is intended primarily for the journal's subscribers, the decision was taken to make it more generally available to the intellectual property community. It is hoped that the prospect of a wider readership will encourage more authors to submit Current Intelligence pieces for publication. Additionally, the comments of readers help to serve as a reality check and provide a degree of quality control since, while the major articles published in the journal are peer-reviewed, Current Intelligence contributions cannot be effectively peer-reviewed without loss of currency.

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice is available both in traditional paper format and online. You can visit the journal's website here and the new JIPLP weblog here.
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Diderot said...

May I recomend Lord Mandelson to read Dylan Thomas´s "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" and Peter Oliver´s "The Protection in the Economic Sphere Before the European Court of Justice",Common Market Law Review 2009, 1443 - 1483...and perhaps he comes to the right conclusion?

Diderot said...

Dear Sir,

my comment was to "Wednesday wround-up...sorry

Diderot said...

The heading in Oliver´s article is "The Protection of Privacy in the Economic Spehere Before the European Court of Justice", and nothing else...sorry again!

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