Some recent publications -- and a special offer for IPKat readers

Hart books: not too
"deer" for IPKat readers
The IPKat is one of a number of people who has a soft spot for Hart Publishing (motto: "Our aim is a simple one: to publish good academic books and journals about law which will enhance the study and practice of law in all its aspects"). Anyway, why be generous with the praise when we can talk about the prices? Hart has just told the IPKat the good news that his (the IPKat's, that is) readers are entitled to a whopping 20% discount on each of the four new titles launched this year. They are, in no particular disorder,
The Common Law of Intellectual Property: Essays in Honour of Professor David Vaver, edited by Catherine W Ng, Lionel Bently and Giuseppina D'Agostino. August 2010. ISBN 9781841139708; hardback; 528pp; £75. Web page here 

'Expert Privilege' in Civil Evidence, by Paul England. December 2010. ISBN  9781841133034; hardback; £45. Web page here 

Oliver on Free Movement of Goods in the European Union (Fifth edition), editor Peter J Oliver: Contributors: Stefan Enchelmaier, Malcolm Jarvis, Angus Johnston, Sven Norberg, Peter J Oliver, Christopher Stothers and Stephen Weatherill. September 2010. ISBN 9781841138107; hardback; 628pp; £95. Web page here

Intellectual Property Law and Policy Volume 11, edited by Hugh C Hansen. November 2010. ISBN 9781841139968; hardback; 862pp; £125. Web page here 

International Trade Mark and Signs Protection: a Handbook, edited by Paul Lange. June 2010. ISBN 9781841139005; hardback; £300. Web page here 
To claim your 20% discount, be sure to quote reference IPKAT11 when placing your order. If you are ordering online, do please quote the reference in the special instructions field. The discount will not show up on your order confirmation but will be applied when your order is processed. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to email Hart here or you can even use the phone: +44 (0)1865 517530.
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