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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Are you a one- or two-letter character in need of a domain name?

The IPKat has recently discovered that Nominet -- the internet registry for .uk names -- is in the process of releasing a number of two-letter and one-character .uk domain names. Nominet's Legal Counsel Daniel Kelleher reliably informs him that, now that holders of registered and unregistered rights have had first dibs, Nominet has opened up the process to the general public [second dibs?] and there are still 2,640 domain names available – including, and A full list is available here. Daniel adds
"Anyone interested in registering one of these domain names should apply though a registrar before midday on Wednesday 15 June. [that's tomorrow!] A £10 plus VAT fee is payable to Nominet in order to register, alongside any fees charged by the registrar. Any domain name where there is more than one applicant will be auctioned from 20 July 2011, with all proceeds going to the Nominet Trust charity
Further details can be found on our website".
'Nuff said. Go for it!


Anonymous said...

Markus Jalmerot said...

Did you manage to get any 2 character domains? I got around 20..

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