Eminem vs Audi: Audi's ad "imported from Detroit"?

From Germany comes the news that US rapper Eminem is suing German car manufacturer Audi for allegedly using parts of Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" in an ad for the Audi A6 Avant car without the singer's permission. A spokesperson for Audi is quoted by German media as having said that the spot was only used "once" at the car's recent launch party in Berlin. Obviously this was once too often for Eminem's taste.

The spot in dispute is available on YouTube and you can have a look and listen by clicking here.

What appears to make the situation slightly more awkward for Audi is that a rather similar spot for US car maker Chrysler using "Lose Yourself" (with Eminem's permission) was recently shown during the US Super Bowl event. This ad is also available via YouTube and you can retrieve it by clicking here.

German website n-tv.de today cites a spokesperson for the Regional Court of Hamburg (Landgericht Hamburg) who confirmed that a law suit has been filed by Eminem's publisher Eight Mile Style (case reference 310 O 185/11). US website Billboard.com cites a spokesperson for Eight Mile Style who reportedly said that Audi's spot "actually feels inspired by elements of Chrysler's commercial campaign." According to the same report Eight Mile Style is seeking a cease and desist order with regard to use of Eminem's music as well as damages. Whether Chrysler is bringing its own claim has not been reported.

Merpel muses: with Chrysler's spot being so well-known, isn't it a trifle surprising that Audi just "imported from Detroit"?
Eminem vs Audi: Audi's ad "imported from Detroit"? Eminem vs Audi: Audi's ad "imported from Detroit"? Reviewed by Birgit Clark on Thursday, June 09, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. It must be noted that Marshall B. Mathers III, aka Eminem, grew up in Detroit, and that "Lose Yourself" is a song from the soundtrack of his semi-autobiographical film "8 Mile", located in...Detroit (8 Mile Road being a well-known Detroit thoroughfare), and denouncing, among other things, Motown's terrifying urban decline.
    It is therefore unsurprising that Eminem was personally less-than-amused about the use of his song by a foreign car manufacturer (even if Chrysler itself has been taken over by the Italians now...)
    Awkward, Audi, very awkward.

  2. If the spot was only used "once" at the car's recent launch party, then how did it get on YouTube? Audi uploaded it only once?

    Btw, the link to the Audi ad isn't working. This link is.


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