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Friday, 15 May 2015

14 million reasons to say "thank you"

Just a few seconds ago the IPKat weblog welcomed its 14 millionth page view. "Welcomed" is perhaps too strong a word, since this milestone was reached at a time of day when most Kats in the same time zone as the majority of the team members are still either fast asleep or relatively sleepy, and would welcome nothing better than a chance to turn over and go back to sleep again -- but we're delighted nonetheless.

Pageviews can never be taken for granted. We work hard to ensure that we provide enough information, comment, stimulation and entertainment to make it worthwhile for our readers to check the site out regularly.  Our readers -- not just those who visit the website but also the 11,600+ email subscribers and the 22,000+ people who read us via Darts-IP and everyone else who follows the blog via RSS and other means -- have provided us with information, inspiration, encouragement, constructive criticism and a bulging folder full of photographs of readers' cats (mostly asleep).

We thank you from the bottom of our individual and collective hearts.

1 comment:

Ivan Cotter said...

And many thanks to you, Jeremy, and to the other team members, past and present, for years of interesting, enjoyable and up to the minute contributions to my CPD. Even five years post retirement, I still look forward every day to my IPKat emails!

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