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Happy Sunday Kat Friends! In this cold day the IPKat has stopped playing with the boules just put up on the Christmas tree and scouted the web for some interesting IP news: enjoy!

The Black Friday frenzy and rampant market phenomenon has taken on the wold little by little and now marks the start of the Christmas shopping season well beyond the US. Oliver Löffel, in Germany: The Black Friday Trademark Battle (Kluwer Trademark Blog), recounts how this year the event has been surrounded by some trade mark drama.

For a nice summary of some the most interesting copyright news, read out Ben's COPYCAT on the 1709 Blog. In the post a Canadian decision to stop online infringement is mentioned. On the same wavelength Micheal Geist of the homonymous blog discusses how Music Canada Data Confirms Huge Increase in Streaming Revenues and Sharp Decline of Music Listening from Pirated Sources.

New Year, New Nice! Brigit Clark of the Marques Blog reminds that soon the 2018 version of the eleventh edition of the Nice Classification will be published on the WIPO website. Stay tuned!

On the lookout for IP news!
Fresh from the CJEE VCAST judgment (Kat Eleonora's report here), it is interesting to read Mike Mireles' (IP finance Blog) discussion on a similar issue occurring on the other side of the Atlantic in Tickbox TV: Concerns for Content Owners, Cable, and Silicon Valley.

Micheal Hirsch of the Written Description Blog talks Orange Book and pharmaceutical patents in Data for the Evergreening Debate.

Is the current copyright system working in the interests of authors? In Report: CREATe public Lecture by Rebecca Giblin: Taking seriously the author’s interest in copyright, Ally Farnhill of the CREATe blog discusses Professor's Giblin proposals for change.

#trademark...? Maria Luigia Franceschelli of IP lens dissects the subject whether May #hashtags safely rely on trademark protection? #iloveIP.

Already worried for the unmitigated 2020 Advent calendar disaster when the first Sunday of Advent is not falling in December? Do not to scuff your whiskers about it, there is already a pending patent to the rescue: the Advent calendar with MORE than 24 surprise-holding little windows - reported by the invention de la semaine of the European Patent Case Law Blog.

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