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The search for a new name for the poor old Euro is now over (see earlier posts here and here), but the correspondence goes on. Yesterday the Kat received, in his ever-bulging email postbag, this image which, according to many, summarises in graphic form the feelings of many concerning Europe's not-yet-single currency.
Tech IP has another special offer for IPKat readers. This time it's a webinar which is grandly titled: "European Community Trade Mark  System- An Overview And Recent Developments", which is available both live and recorded.  The presenters are Kat team member Jeremy's Olswang LLP colleagues Joel Barry (right) and Caitlin Stickler. As Tech IP's Dean Ellinson reminds the Kat, you can ask questions in the live version -- which gives it extra value.  The discount for IPKat readers over the regular price ranges from 15% to 33%, depending on how many people from the same organisation register. Your link for the live version is here; for the recorded version it's here.

APCA doesn't yet have
its own logo: it could
seek a licence to use
this one ...
The IPKat is delighted to learn from his friend Professor Adrian Sterling that there's a new, potentially valuable kid on the IP block: the Asian Pacific Copyright Association (APCA). This body was established on 15 November 2011 with members from (in alphabetical order) Australia, China, Fiji, Nauru, New Zealand, Russia and Vanuatu. Arrangements concerning the holding of the APCA Inaugural Meeting will be made in due course. Says Adrian:: "APCA has the objective of providing a forum for discussion and promoting, through legislation, dialogue and education, the maintenance and development of copyright and related rights in the Asian Pacific Region".

Around the blogs. "Richard Hooper to lead Digital Copyright Exchange" was the shock news for British copyright enthusiasts, brought to them by on-the-ball Emily "@copyrightgirl" Goodhand and posted on the 1709 Blog here.  The jiplp weblog offers no fewer than seven new intellectual property books for review here.  Kingsley Egbuonu takes a break from Afro-IP's A to Z online Africa travelogue to make some telling points regarding IP, competition rules, investment and corruption in Nigeria. The errant octopus returns to PatLit this week with the improbably-titled "Vanishing fish, small claims and fast tracks". The visuals which accompanied Keith Mallinson's excellent presentation yesterday on FRAND licences, facts and figures have now been posted here on the IP Finance weblog.
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  1. The image brings to mind a new name for the besieged currency: the ZEURO.

  2. Such an attack on the 0 Euro (zeuro) is misplaced. The Zeuro is a bartering chip to be exchanged for goods or another currency. The joke is actually on the goods or currency for which the Zeuro can be exchanged.


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