Laura Smith-Hewitt

Following the posting of Merpel's "Life as a patent examiner according to the EPO - paid-for article in the New Scientist", here, a number of comments were posted to the effect that the subject of the article, Laura Smith-Hewitt, was not in fact an Examiner at the European Patent Office. These comments were supported by email correspondence which the IPKat weblog received to the same effect.

I have received an email this evening from Laura Smith-Hewitt in which she states categorically that she is indeed an examiner and that she continues to carry out her duties in search, examination and opposition. I'm sure that I speak for our readers as well as for myself when I express my gratitude to her for enabling this weblog to put the record straight and I am pleased to be able to do so at the earliest opportunity. On behalf of Merpel and on behalf of us all, I apologise unreservedly to her for any annoyance and embarrassment caused.

Since the comments posted with regard to Ms Smith-Hewitt's employment status are false and misleading, I have deleted them.


NOTE: after posting this notice, the IPKat has received two communications from his sources. Both have explained the mistaken basis on which the information published on this weblog was based, and both have apologised to the IPKat -- who hopes that they will have the grace to apologise to Ms Smith-Hewitt too.
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