Never Too Late: If you missed the IPKat Last Week!

Been away and want to catch up with last week's IP news? No problem! As always, IPKat is here to bring you a quick summary - the 159th edition of Never Too Late.
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How does one calculate the damages caused by an interim injunction? Eibhlin explains the recent Patents Court decision of Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited v (1) Dr Reddy's Laboratories (2) Sandoz Limited (and Ohers) [2017] EWHC 1433 (Pat) which provided guidance on the issue.

Neil pays homage to June Foray, the voice behind a portfolio of character’s such as Lucifer the cat from Cinderella, Jokey Smurf, Mrs. Cauldron from The Garfield Show, Rocket J. Squirrel and Natasha Fatale from “Rocky and his Friends”. Neil ponders the legal protection of voice creations. 

Can grey markets be considered akin to trade in counterfeit goods, when it comes to the application of criminal provisions in trade mark law? The UK Supreme Court answered this question in the affirmative earlier this week in its judgment in R v M & Ors [2017] UKSC 58.

Katfriend Yannos Paramythiotis brings the news of Greece’s recently adopted administrative procedure to tackle online copyright infringements.

Katfriend Darren Meale reports on the CJEU decision Continental Reifen Deutschland v Compagnie generale des etablissements Michelin which upheld tyre giant Continental’s appeal against Michelin, concerning their stylised registered mark ‘X’.

Kat friends Lau Kok KengNicholas Lauw and Jiamin Leow report on how the Singapore Court of Appeal has addressed the issue of database protection in the case of Global Yellow Pages Ltd v Promedia Directories Pte Ltd and anor matter [2017] SGCA 28

Mathilde Pavis explains a decision from the French courts which stated that both internet service providers and browser providers can be legally bound to block infringing content, and pick up the bill for the costs of such injunctions. 

Readers are invited to attend the INTA Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting (TMAP) which takes place in New Orleans from September 17th -19th. 

The 5th edition of TILTing which took place at the Tilburg University from 17 until 20 May 2017. In the first part of this 2 part conference report Verónica discusses two talks. The first on Israel's copyright infringement strategies though intermediaries and the courts, and the second focused on the algorithm of said intermediaries. 

How much do copyright owners lose from online platforms hosting links to unauthorized copies of their works uploaded by third parties? The Paris Criminal Court of Appeal awarded a total amount of 13 million euros and 12 months’ imprisonment in the case of D.M. v APP, Microsoft, Sacem and others, available in French language here.


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